Welcome! I'm Yu.

I am a student focusing on human-computer-interaction. I love utilising digital technologies and human-centered design methods to enhance human abilities and improve human lives. 

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TUI & Microcontroller Programming & User Study

GrouPen [Interact '21]

Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs) have been used in many learning contexts. However, its application in the remote collaborative learning area remains relatively unexplored. In this study, we contribute to this use case with GrouPen. It is a TUI prototype embedded in a regular pen, thus allowing easy-to-use tangible interaction. We showed how it could be used to enable and enhance collaborative learning and engage students. GrouPen uses natural gestures to show statuses in several learning phases. We evaluated the prototype using a survey that yielded positive feedback and supported the hypothesis that TUIs like GrouPen could facilitate learning connectedness and engagement.

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Automotive UI & Multi-sensory interaction & Experimental Design & Peripheral Interaction

Effects of In-Car Multi-Sensory Ambient Systems on Driving Performance and Emotion

This study explored how multi-sensory ambient systems effect driver's emotion and driving performance by integrating olfactory, visual and acoustic feedback into the driving simulator, measuring driver's emotion, workload, user experience, and lane-keeping performance. Results showed that in the easy-driving condition, usability of the system and personal taste can influence user's willingness to use and the emotion is enhanced if it is usable. However, in the difficult-driving condition, 14/20 users did not pay attention to the ambient system and showed "inattentional blindness/deafness/
anosmia" phenomenon, otherwise they will have cognitive overload. From that we recommend designers to design cognition-responsive features for hedonic systems.

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Figma & UI/UX Design

BMW Duft Management App

This prototype is designed for the BMW in-car scent project. Each morning, before you start your drive, you can at first neutralize the air in your car remotely, or schedule the fixed time for neutralization. Then, you can define the mood of your day by clicking on the recommended scent (today is beach walk), or customizing your own "scent play list". You can even make your own "scent album" according to the scenario, such as boost for work, relax, party, or romantic. In each playlist, you can control the scent hardware by changing three dimensions: speed, intensity and distance.  

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3D Printing & Sketching with hardware


ElecTwin is a smart electronics set that can sense the physical world and generate the data of its digital twin (understanding what electronics is used and how was the circuit built). All of the electronics elements are designed in 3D modelling software and 3D printed. It can be well applied in the electronics education for children due to its safe and easy-to-use characteristics like lego-block. 

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